The Nasi Campur
The Nasi Campur

Once upon a time, come to The Nasi Campur, one of the restaurants located in the tourist area of Seminyak, precisely at Jalan Nakula, Gang Baik-Baik No. 118 Kuta. In addition to serving a variety of local and quality menus, this restaurant also offers a peaceful dining environment. The building coming with local architecture is equipped with various beautiful plants.

The Nasi Campur offers the concept of Indonesian specialties, featuring authentic Balinese dishes with several menu variants, such as goat fried rice, steamed (betutu) chicken, anchovy fried rice, chicken mixed rice, and many other authentic specialties. “The name of The Nasi Campur is taken from one of Indonesia’s most famous food, Nasi Campur (mixed rice),” said Ari Putra, the owner of The Nasi Campur on the sidelines of tasting food on Saturday (May 19).

Nasi Campur is a food consisting of white rice with various typical side dishes of Indonesia. In addition to serving a variety of menus, The Nasi Campur also offers a special drink made especially from the basic ingredients of young coconut water. “The Nasi Campur really features the typical Balinese flavor. The menus are very simple but offer a distinctive flavor. We remain to focus on the menus with an authentic taste,” he said.

The Nasi Campur in bali
The Nasi Campur in Bali

This restaurant has a unique concept namely taking the classic Indonesian design named joglo building so that it can provide a different atmosphere in the middle of the hustles and bustles of Seminyak area as a tourist destination. “We hope that in the future, The Nasi Campur can be another choice to enjoy the domestic cuisine for locals, domestic and foreign tourists wishing to taste the dishes of Bali and the archipelago,” hoped Ari Putra.

For those who love coffee, The Nasi Campur also offers coffee with international standards. It takes advantage of coffee beans brought in from local farmers in Kintamani, Bangli district. Quality of the coffee from this region is not inferior to import quality. “We deliberately picked up local products as part of supporting local products and attempt to introduce them to the international community through tourists coming to Bali,” he said.

Although being a newcomer, The Nasi Campur has been visited by domestic and foreign tourists. They try the mixed rice menu and various fresh drinks available. “Many guests make Kintamani coffee their favorite drink here,” said Ari Putra.


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