Sweet and Mellow Taste of Jaje Cerorot
Sweet and Mellow Taste of Jaje Cerorot

The Hindu community in Bali which always preserves its ancestral culture has various unique and delicious traditional cakes or jaje. There is jaje purely the result of the creative process of the community, while the others are the result of acculturation with other regional cultures or even that of other countries. Whatever the cake is, it remains to be preserved amidst of Balinese society until now. Even, its existence is always associated with ceremonial activities and Hindu ritual on the Island of the Gods.

For example, one of them is jaje cerorot. Optionally, it is often named the jaje blukbuk, usually served when the Hindu community is carrying out a wedding ceremony in the process of proposing. Jaje cerorot is accompanied with a pillow-like cake.

In Bali, this cake belongs to snack made from local (Balinese) rice flour combined with brown sugar and salt. On that account, it has a brownish red color. Cerorot is shaped with young coconut leaf wrap resembling a cone. For children, this cake is often referred to as the trumpet cake because the wrap is like a trumpet.

Jaje Cerorot baliThere is a special technique for eating this cake. If people do not know, they will open the pin (bamboo pin to button the wrap) and then eat the soft and creamy cake. For those who already know the technique of eating it will push on the tip at the lower end of the young coconut leaf pointing to the top so that the content of the cake appears. Just press and adjust how long we are able to chew it.

If you eat a little, then push it a little too, and if you can eat at once, then push it full. Once again, to take out the content fully, push the pointed end of the wrapper so that the content comes out. There is no need to open the curd of the wrap when eating the cake.

Lately, this cake is usually used for refreshment served for guests to accompany the drinks like coffee or tea. It is usually easy to get as widely sold in traditional markets and cake shops. Unlike before, if there was no wedding ceremony, this was not made. Unfortunately, this sweet tasting cake can only last for one day.

The ingredients used to make the jaje cerorot are local rice, brown sugar and salt (to taste). First of all, the rice is washed clean, and then soaked overnight. After that, resume and make it into flour. In the past, the making of flour in the traditional way was pounded with a pestle in the mortar. Then, sieve the flour. This traditionally made flour makes the cake taste better when compared to flour made by the factory.

Brown sugar is then liquefied with hot water and then filtered as well. Next, add flour into the cold brown sugar liquid with the addition of enough salt. To prepare the wrap, make the packaging from young coconut leaf. Remove the stick of the leaf, fold at one of the ends and then twist circularly resembling a cone. After the coconut leaf wrap has been made, the mixture is poured into the wrapper. Be careful, do not let it be full because when steamed it can melt and fall.

Finally, steam them until cooked (for approximately 20 minutes). To check whether the cake is already cooked, insert a palm stick into the steamed dough. If the dough is not sticky when being pulled, it means the cake is already cooked. If it has been cooked, take out the cake and it is ready to be served.


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