Pod Chocolate Factory
Pod Chocolate Factory

Bali has become a magnet of Indonesia in international tourism. Everyday domestic and foreign tourists visit the island to witness a variety of natural beauty, indigenous customs, culture and distinctive way of life owned by the Balinese community.

In addition to offering natural beauty, indigenous customs, culture and people’s way of life, Bali also presents a variety of other tourist attractions such as religious tourism, cuisines, shopping delight, culture, and ecotourism or environmental tourism.

Lately, environmental tourism has become a trend. It does not just sell the products yielded, but also invites consumers to know and get involved directly in the manufacture of the quite unique products because it is able to attract tourists to come and enjoy the environment-based attractions.

“The potential of eco-tourism in Bali is very high because Bali has many repeated guests, so the chances are quite large considering that tourists coming to Bali is more than once, especially those with family. They want to enjoy something new and get the value of education. Surely, this can become a new potential of destination.

One of them is chocolate processing on behalf of Pod Chocolate Factory. It is targeting local and foreign tourists through the environmental tourism concept. We offer an eco-tourism concept through factory integrated with outlet and tourism located at Bali Elephant Camp, Petang subdistrict, Badung,” said the owner and young entrepreneur, IGAA Inda Trimafo Yudha.

Pod Chocolate Factory In Bali
Pod Chocolate Factory In Bali

“Pod Chocolate Factory was founded in 2010. Here, visitors will be served with the chocolate tour, where visitors will be invited to visit and see the process of making chocolate and short learning on the making of chocolate. Besides, they can make their own chocolate and be taken home,” said IGAA Inda Trimafo Yudha, the owner of Pod Chocolate.

“All the raw materials used are local products of Bali obtained through cooperation with cacao farmer cooperatives in Bali. Otherwise, if the materials happen to be unavailable, we look to other regions in Indonesia,” she explained.

She added that to make the product clearly identified and always be looked for, it is necessary to have distinction and characteristics. These are the capital to compete and armed with this we must certainly do innovation. Here, we produce chocolate with a variety of flavors such as the flavor of salad, pineapple, ginger, cloves to chili in addition to sweet chocolate in general.


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