Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond
Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond

If you are traveling in the tourist area of Kuta or Uluwatu, do not be confused to look for a comfortable place to eat. Black Diamond Sports Bar is a nice place to eat or just drink. While eating and drinking, visitors can watch the sports spectacles. Moreover, today is the World Cup season, so the Black Diamond Sports Bar is worth visiting.

Black Diamond Sport remains in the same area as Fashion Hotel Legian precisely located at Jalan Raya Legian No.121, Badung. The location is very close to Kuta Beach tourist area, shopping mall and Ngurah Rai airport.

The bar opened from 10:00 to 22:00 offers some other menus such as gado-gado, tail soup, fried rice, and some others. This place also has two prominent menus worth a try namely Chicken Rosemary and Beef Steak. “These two prominent menus are combined with black pepper sauce making the tongue sway while enjoying this culinary delicacy,” said Bimo Ardiansyah, Marketing Communication of the Fashion Hotel Legian.

Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond bali
Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond Bali

You will love to feel the first impression that comes when enjoying the dish of chicken rosemary. The mayonnaise tucked among the meat is tender and savory. Likewise, the basic seasoning used is a special to Black Diamond Sports Bar and chicken as the basic ingredient of this cuisine. No need to hesitate because this menu is processed for about 30 minutes to get maximum results.

Like the Chicken Rosemary, Beef Steak also comes with quite tender meat and sprinkled with black pepper seasoning that increasingly adds to the perfection of this outstanding cuisine. Uniquely, this serving is delicious if eaten while being warm.

Particularly in the atmosphere of celebrating the World Cup 2018, this place also offers a menu worth a try namely, Red Russian, Trans Attack, Kick and Rush, and Peach Diving, Berry Home and Away and Pretty Dribbling. While enjoying your favorite menus, you can coincidently give support to your hero through watching together at Black Diamond Sport Bar. “Many tourists from various countries come here to eat. They are in particular sports and drink lovers,” said Bimo Ardiansyah.


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