Kokun Kitchen & Pastry
Kokun Kitchen & Pastry

Kokun Kitchen & Pastry comes with a dining place serving a variety of modern menus at very affordable prices located in Denpasar, precisely on Jalan Teuku Umar Barat, 19 E, Denpasar. Kokun Kitchen & Pastry is a perfect hangout for foodies favoring western menus.

Kokun Café can be easily found. If you come from west direction or from Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta area, this restaurant is just on the left side of the road and adjoining with a motorcycle dealer. Meanwhile, if coming from Denpasar direction, the location is on the right side of the road, after the bridge. Kokun Kitchen & Pastry is open every day from 10:00 to 23:30.

Indeed this restaurant is a bit noisy because of the passing vehicles. However, having sat inside everything will feel cool because the restaurant area is full of pollution-absorbing living plants. More interestingly, the various plants take advantage of used materials processed into beautiful flower pots. Space is uniquely styled in order to offer a different atmosphere.

Kokun Kitchen
Kokun Kitchen

Kokun Kitchen & Pastry features several menus that you must try and enjoy. There are Prawn Pasta, Sirloin Steak of 200 gram, Mango Sunshine, Rolled Chocolate Crepes and Meat Love Pizza. Of the various beverages available, the most sought after is Green Tea or mocktail. “Young people used to hang out here at night,” said Kadek Suwartana, the Restaurant Manager.

The other excellent menus are sensational sakad, smoothie bowl, snack, sandwich, pasta, steak, Italian pizza, sweet treat, and side dish, while the drinks consist of juice, coffee, ice frappe, milkshakes, virgin mojito, squashes, and beer. “Local people also often choose this place to eat. If they don’t eat, they may just drink,” added this man from Gianyar.

Although the menus presented are almost the same as the ones offered at hotel or famous restaurants, the price set is not too expensive. For example, when armed with IDR 70,000, you can get a sirloin steak of 200gr with black pepper seasoning. “We have repeated customers to Kokun Kitchen & Pastry. If they go to Denpasar, they will stop by here,” said this former hotel employee.

Kokun Kitchen & Pastry equipped with free Wi-Fi and toilet facilities is often chosen as a venue for gathering, small parties, meeting points or just completing campus assignments with a fresh atmosphere.


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