Jimbaran Beach #2
Jimbaran Beach #2

Bali has many beaches where each has its own characteristics. There are beaches where tourists can surf freely as on Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach or Suluban Beach. Besides, there are also beaches where a wide range of water sport activities can be enjoyed like on Tanjung Benoa Beach and Sanur Beach. On the other beaches, visitors can see sunrise and sunset views.


Jimbaran Beach, South Kuta, Badung, is a famous beach to relax while watching the sunset view and enjoying delicious seafood dishes from restaurants around the beach. So in addition to being a beach resort, Jimbaran Beach also becomes one of the culinary tourist destinations in Bali often recommended by people as a destination where to eat delicious food, especially for grilled fish, squid and so forth.

Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran Beach

It is located at Jimbaran village, one of the famous tourism villages in South Kuta subdistrict. Jimbaran Beach is bordered with Muaya Beach at the southern tip and Kedonganan Beach at the north end. Since its location remains in Kuta area, the access to Jimbaran Beach is quite easy and close to Kuta Beach, either from Denpasar or Sanur.

To luxuriate in the excellent lunch or dinner, this beach deserves to be the option of visitors, where they have two options for the dining area, namely indoor or outdoor. If wishing to have dinner while enjoying the moment of sunset view, choose the outdoor area. However, you should first make a reservation at the cafe because it is always full of tourists.

For dinner, the dishes will generally be ready once the sun begins to set. Grilled snapper, grilled mussels, squid satay, water spinach with a spicy sauce to crispily fried groupers have started to be presented on the table. Surely, they are accompanied by a basket of steamed rice and three kinds of condiment as a complement. Now, it is time to eat!

Then, for the drink visitors can choose the options like mineral water, fruit juice or young coconut. Everything is fresh and appropriate to be served with existing seafood dishes. At the end of the meal, we are given an extra bonus in the form of fruit plates for dessert. Bon appetite!

Regarding the price, it can indeed be said to be intended for middle to upper class, but it is comparable to the experience obtained at this culinary adventure. Romantic dinner while watching the sunset on the beach will surely become so special.


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