Jembong Waterfall #2
Jembong Waterfall #2

Generally, when making a trip to the waterfall, tourists must step down hundreds of stairs first. However, it is different when visiting Jembong waterfall where you just need to climb dozens of stairs. Within three minutes, you can take a selfie with the background of the fascinating Jembong waterfall.

Armed with the capital of IDR 5,000, tourists can have enjoyed the allurement of Jembong waterfall. However, if you only want to swim, you only need to pay as much as IDR 5,000 for adult and IDR 3,000 for the child.

There are three fairly large pools with very clear water. Each has the depth of 110 cm for adult, while two children pools have varied depths, namely 80 cm and 60 cm. The water purely comes from Jembong waterfall having been filtered.

Jembong Waterfall
Jembong Waterfall

If you want to take a selfie with an instragrammable background, you can pose on the bridge with a distance of about five meters from the waterfall. Verdant trees in combination with the beautiful waterfall will make your photos more interesting.


Jembong waterfall located at Ambengan village, Sukasada, Buleleng, also provides a challenging adrenaline attraction, namely flying fox. There are several tracks, such as flying fox of track A with the price set at IDR 15,000; track B at IDR 25,000; and track A & B at IDR 30,000.

Some other activities that can still be enjoyed by tourists here include the trekking and wet rappelling. This tourist attraction is managed by Banten Sari tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) where it can draw the visit up to 500 people each day.

Pokdarwis leader, Made Suneka, said the attraction was officially opened in 2013. “Tourists making a visit here do not only domestic but also foreign ones,” he said recently. He added that tourist visits are usually crowded during holidays.

A similar opinion was also revealed by one of Pokdarwis staff, Wayan Surung. He said although the flying fox was just officially opened two months ago, it has been widely demanded. Moreover, there are about 60 students of the Ganesha University of Education Singaraja that have tried the excitement of flying fox.

One of the visitors, Sumiasih, expressed her excitement at the Jembong waterfall. She claimed to spend her time to swim and soak. “Water of the pools here directly flows from Jembong waterfall, so it is fresh and very cool,” said the student who is currently studying at the STAHN Mpu Kuturan, Singaraja.

If visitors are hungry and thirsty, the operator has provided with a stall and some gazebos to rest for a moment. In addition, for visitors wishing to do melukat or purificatory rite, the operator has also provided a place to do it located near the waterfall.


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