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Importance Of Police Reports When a Car Accident Occurs

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911, what is your emergency?

When a car crash occurs, the first thing anyone needs to do is to call the police. The police must arrive at the scene as early as possible. They will make sure that survivors are taken to the hospital and establish what happened. Police reports and car accidents go together. The police reports on the case determine the outcome of most car accident cases. Laws in places like Texas allow you to get compensation for vehicle damage and injuries sustained when there is another driver responsible. After the driver calls the police, they draft a police report. Ask the police for a copy of the report. Call the police immediately an accident occurs, as their reports can only strengthen your compensation claims.

Why you should call the police after a car accident

Because it is the law: The first reason you should call the police when you are in a car accident is that it is the law. The law in Texas states that one should call the police after involvement in a car accident. It is simply following the law, and it is important if you want to build a case. Your copy of the police report on the accident is your proof that you followed the law from the beginning. The driver of the vehicle involved must notify the police immediately by the quickest means of communication.

Police reports establish fault in the event of an accident: The police reports establish fault in the first place. They give details about what occurred and whose fault it was. If the third party was drunk or inebriated, it will be in the police reports. The driver could also have been on their phone or disobeying traffic laws, hence the accident. The police reports will have such details in them.

Compensation: The police report will state whether any injuries and vehicle damage occurred if you decide to seek compensation. If any injuries develop in the future, the timeframe in the police report will help establish if the injury was caused by the accident. Insurance companies are trying to avoid payouts as much as possible, and they will find any and every loophole to void your case. Do not give them one.

Police reports help to establish basic details about the accident. Details like the day of the accident, the time the accident occurred, and where it happened. These little details can make or break a case for compensation. The police report also include statements from all the drivers involved, and some may even admit guilt on the spot. Contact details of the drivers are collected so updates can be sent to both parties. The reports also include the accounts of eyewitnesses who saw how the accident occurred. These witnesses may help to establish guilt. If there are any injuries, the police report would say so. It will also indicate any other factors that could have caused the accident. External factors could be bad roads and weather.

Remember, the first step after an accident occurs is to contact the police as quickly as possible.