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How to Find The Best Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

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Finding the best lawyer for your criminal case is no mean task. You may know a good lawyer, but they may not specialize in criminal law. Whatever type of crime you’ve been charged for finding the right Philadelphia criminal lawyers is crucial for the outcome of your case.

How Do You Find the Best Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers?

Locating a good lawyer who can skillfully handle your case is not easy. You don’t expect to get a good lawyer by just picking the phone book or through an advertisement. Such sources don’t provide enough information to help you make an informed decision.

1.State Bar Association

You can begin your search for Philadelphia criminal lawyers at the State Bar Association website. Search for attorneys who are experts in criminal law and  a sub-category that closely represents the issue you’re seeking help for. Conduct a preliminary search on potential candidates to determine if they are in good standing with the state bar. If they have had any contact with the media, you can get an inkling on them as professionals.

2.Personal Referrals

You can talk to your family, friends, acquaintances, and other people in your community who have used the services of a criminal lawyer. If you find someone with a similar claim, you can ask them which attorney represented them and what they think of them. If you talk to several people who have experienced the same legal problem, there is a high chance you’ll get some great leads.

However, you should never hire a lawyer based on someone else’s recommendation. People respond to a lawyer’s style and personality differently. You can only do so after meeting the lawyer, discussing your case, and determining if you’re comfortable working with them.

3.Lawyer Referral Services

Lawyer referral services are another avenue through which you can search for Philadelphia criminal lawyers. Though lawyers must be pre-approved by the state bar association, there are lawyer referral services that meticulously screen attorneys and only list those with a particular set of qualifications and experience. While some services will list any attorney provided, they are in good standing with the state bar and maintain liability insurance before you look for a lawyer screening service, you have to find out how they screen lawyers. However, with this service, you may not gain insight into their personality and style.

4.Online Services

If you are searching for an attorney on the internet, you can use specific keywords such as “Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers.” However, you have to sift through multiple websites to look for potential lawyers. Remember, anyone can set up a web page, so it may be hard to determine an attorney’s quality and reliability.

Today there are multiple platforms through which you can find a credible attorney. Online resources are vast, and probably the best place to begin your search. A simple online search can also show you attorney reviews. As you search for Philadelphia criminal lawyers, online directories such as allow you to review an attorney’s education, experience, availability, charges, and track record.