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How to Choose a Probate Lawyer

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Hiring a probate lawyer could be a complicated process. Since you are likely to be pressed for time, it’s important to take clear and well-thought-out steps. By choosing the wrong lawyer to deal with probate, you may be extending the process and facing an unfortunate outcome.

If your loved one recently passed away, probate issues may arise. If you aren’t sure whether you need a probate lawyer, consult one anyway. Let’s talk about several steps to take to ensure hiring the right attorney for the job.

1. Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a suitable probate lawyer is to ask around. Personal recommendations go a long way. When someone you know recommends a lawyer, you can ask extensive questions about that person’s work.

If the lawyer achieved positive results for your friends or coworkers, chances are you can be happy with their work. However, recommendations are only part of the process. You should still do research to make sure you are hiring the right lawyer for your case.

2. Search the Web

If you can’t find a probate lawyer with recommendations from people you know personally, you can search the web. Many websites exist to help you make an initial list of candidates.


You can use these resources to find lawyers in your area. Then you can use Google and Yelp to gather more reviews and narrow down your list.

3. Ask for References

When you speak to a probate lawyer for the first time, ask for references. The lawyer should provide a list of clients for you to talk to.

According to a Probate Lawyer from Orlando, not all clients may be happy to share their probate experience. The lawyer should know which ones are willing to speak to you.

4. Check State Bar Association

Search your state’s bar association to make sure the lawyer is in good standing. You can also find out if the lawyer is a member of other associations. Attorneys who are connected with legal communities have more resources to rely on when dealing with probate.

5. Ask How Payment Works

The costs associated with hiring a probate attorney may be high. That’s why before you choose one candidate, make sure to get sufficient information about the payment process.

Are there any extra fees that don’t seem straightforward? What’s the payment structure? Different lawyers may have different payment plans.

6. Meet the Lawyer

Once you narrow your list down to three or four candidates, arrange a meeting to make the final decision. It’s important to be comfortable with the probate lawyer you hire. If you feel as if something is off, move on to the next candidate.

Even if the lawyer worked out perfectly for your friends or coworkers, it doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Probate could be a lengthy process. Working with a person you don’t feel comfortable with could be tough.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a probate lawyer could take a while. However, once you find the right attorney, you can have peace of mind about the process. Think about the time you spend selecting the lawyer as an investment in your future.