Chicken Leg with Honey-Spiced
Chicken Leg with Honey-Spiced

If you are a foodie of chicken-based menus, try to enjoy the pleasure of Chicken Leg with Honey Spice served at Portabella Bistro, Kuta. Located in the lobby area of Fontana Hotel Bali, the restaurant offers a chicken menu with various types of herbs, ranging from chili sauce, honey, oyster and sugar applied to grilled chicken meat. This chicken menu offers meat with tender texture and honey, so the combination of sweet and spicy flavor is very tasty.

The menu puts emphasis on the sweet taste of honey that can pamper the tongues of culinary connoisseurs. Moreover, chicken meat in use belongs to broiler weighing about 200 grams. The menu has also been mixed with vegetable and grated coconut sauce, rice and chicken satay. Chicken Leg with Honey Spice will be more delicious if you also drink lemon tea ice. “A portion of the menu is sold for IDR 130,000,” said Executive Sous Chef, I Wayan Somadana Adiputra, in the launch of the new menu of the Portabella Bistro.

He said that Chicken Leg with Honey Spice combines chili sauce with honey; oyster and sugar mixed with vegetable oil, vegetable, and twisted satay. The taste served from this cuisine lies in the sensation of honey and spicy adequately kicking on the tongue. “Portabella Bistro is always creative in creating new menus as a form of service to tourists. At least, there are four cuisines that must be tried when coming to Portabella Bistro,” he said.

In addition to Chicken Leg with Honey Spice, Portabella Bistro coming with Italian style also offers Pizza Panuozzo. This menu incorporates some basic ingredients such as bacon, mushroom, tomato sauce, chili sauce accompanied with mini salad. The taste offered is not too strange in the tongue because the flavor of the sauce and combination of bread is very tasty. One serving of this oval-shaped pizza is offered at IDR 85,000 and suitable for two people. And this pizza is very strong on the taste of the sauce.

The next menu is Lasagna e Classica. This menu combines layers of pasta with béchamel and meat sauce with the sprinkles of mozzarella and parmesan. This cuisine is also very strong in tomato sauce and soft béchamel that will smear our tongue. Meanwhile, the last one is Spaghetti Gamberoni that can pamper the tongue. This is almost the same as the spaghetti dish in general but here it is accompanied with olive oil, garlic, prawn, tomato concasse and served with rucola and parmesan flakes.


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