D’Karang Homestay in Bangli #2
D’Karang Homestay in Bangli #2

When wishing to enjoy the cool countryside atmosphere offering natural attractions, once in a while try to stay at D’Karang Homestay at Undisan village, Tembuku, Bangli. This accommodation having existed since three years ago is equipped with interesting tourist attractions, such as trekking, cooking class, coconut oil making, and meditation.

Village atmosphere can be really experienced because the homestay is owned and managed by the local community as the solution of sustainable economic equity. With this concept, local people come to enjoy the sustenance of visiting tourists by renting homestay managed independently by the community within the tourism village. This is one of the reasons for D’Karang Homestay ranked first nationally in the homestay category on the activities of Appreciation to Community-based Tourism Business by Ministry of Tourism.

Having arrived at Undisan village, guests are directly invited to D’Karang Homestay and are served with a welcome drink. Then, they take a break. In the afternoon, their activity is resumed with a joint cooking class. Guests are taught to make Balinese sauce (condiments) as the part of making satay. In this process, guests get a Balinese cooking class starting from the preparation of seasoning, grounding spices with pestle and mortar, mixing them and then twisting satay. After that, the twisted satay is roasted to get cooked. Ultimately, it is served for dinner and enjoyed together.

D’Karang Homestay in BangliOn the second day, guests start the day by having breakfast of traditional menus such as snacks and tea or coffee. After that, it is resumed trekking around the Undisan village for approximately four hours. Within this program, guests are proceeded to visit craftsmen making imitation flowers from the brass at Undisan. Then, they are taken to explore paddy fields to see firsthand the activities of farmers at a local village. After visiting a temple, guests take a short break to drink fresh coconut taken directly from the middle of the paddy fields.

Next visit is to the Tangkup waterfall at Undisan village. The waterfall is quite beautiful where guests can bathe and swim. Guests are taken back to D’Karang Homestay for lunch. In the afternoon, guests are invited to make coconut oil in the traditional method, starting from peeling the coconut shell to the process of grinding coconut flesh to become oil. “Dinner is prepared with a traditional menu rarely found at the hotel. On the following day, their day is started with breakfast at homestay before being transferred out.

Kadek Darmayasa, Managing Director of PT Bali Bagus Memory Wisata, said the management of this homestay deliberately creates a special service for tourists, especially European tourists. The development of homestay owned and managed by the community around the tourism village is a solution to sustainable economic equity. “With this concept, local people will come to enjoy the sustenance of tourists coming to rent homestay owned by individual communities,” he said.

By giving the opportunity to local people to own and manage homestays, it will grow local entrepreneurs around the tourism village. The entrepreneurs allow the potential of tourist villages to be explored and further developed. In the future, tourism village should be able to develop homestay and it should not be managed independently.

The development will be good if they are collected in a single entity (for example in the form of village-owned enterprise or BUMDes) and this manages it together by applying modern management. It will bring in a very positive impact and can be realized for the development of tourism village or homestay.

According to Darmayasa, the government through the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, expressed the ambition to position Indonesia as the country with the largest number of homestays in the world. This is very encouraging news for the people of Indonesia, especially in Bali. In other words, the tourism sector has been on the right track where it is built to realize the growth and equity for prosperity.


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