Delicious Twisted Satay of Casa Luna Restaurant
Delicious Twisted Satay of Casa Luna Restaurant

Twisted satay is also a special menu offered at Casa Luna Restaurant other than mixed rice. Probably, the shape and ingredients are the same as other satay, but the twisted satay a la Casa Luna Restaurant has different taste. The ingredients also utilize natural local spices, as well as the way of making, is very traditional. “Twisted satay has a lot of enthusiasts, especially foreign tourists,” said Dewi DeNeefe Suardana, Business Development Manager.

This satay is made from mackerel and shrimp. Meanwhile, the spices use local ones commonly called the base gede (Balinese traditional spices) and added with coconut milk to make it tastier. The stalk in use is lemongrass to create a more fragrant flavor and aroma. The twisted satay is served with the seafood menu. Other than at Casa Luna Restaurant, the twisted satay menu is also served at Indus Restaurant. “We make spices manually and without using flavoring,” she said.

twisted satay bali
twisted satay Bali

In the past, the twisted satay was using ingredients such as chicken or pork because it was made as an offering for the ancestor or God in ceremonies like mecaru (exorcism rite). Now, this kind of satay is sold as one of the food menus. Moreover, in strategic locations such as the tourist attraction, the corner of the city and traditional markets, it is very easy to find satay merchants.

Hotels, restaurants, and food stalls usually offer this twisted satay. However, the ingredient used is the form of sea fish such as snapper, tuna, and others. It’s called twisted satay because the meat of the satay is not skewed, but finely panned and then twisted around the stalk. Besides, the stalk of the satay is different or larger and rectangular. The stalk is made from dry bamboo or refined coconut bark.


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