De Kaori Kantine
De Kaori Kantine

When traveling to Singaraja, you need not worry about finding any nice and comfortable restaurants. Interestingly, the North Bali region has even a variety of good and delicious restaurants. One of them is De Kaori Kantine located in the main road section of Seririt-Singaraja. Other than offering a variety of delicious menus, this restaurant also has a beautiful view that can encourage your appetite. It is not difficult to find it.

Manager of De Kaori Kantine is very familiar with the tastes of society or tourists, so it really presents delicious and hygienic food. Most importantly, the place opened from 10:00 to 23:00 also provides free Wi-Fi access and live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This restaurant is managed by the couple of Putu Arimbawa and his wife Kaori.

De Kaori Kantine provides various Indonesian menus so sometimes make us confused which one to be chosen. Almost all menus have different tastes. So far, the most favored menus by customers are two foremost menus namely Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Beef Steak. “We serve the various menus, so there is a choice for customers,” said Putu Arimbawa.

De Kaori Kantine bali
De Kaori Kantine bali

Sweet Spicy Chicken of De Kaori is sold for IDR 15,000. Spicy and sweet flavor is mixed in chicken meat. The mix is quite balanced and nothing dominates. One portion contains about 5 to 7 pieces of chicken. This menu will be more delicious if accompanied by a plate of rice. However, the Sweet Spicy Chicken of De Kaori is also delicious and good to be enjoyed as a snack because it is pretty delectable.

This restaurant is located very close to the beach, so De Kaori Kantine also provides fish menus. They are very diverse, both packaged in the local or international menu. For instance, delicious steak is combined with a secret recipe of De Kaori Kantine. A portion of fish steak is sold for IDR 25,000 and served on a quite unique location and hot condition. Wow, the meat is remarkably tender and has no fishy smell.

Young people prefer this restaurant for a hangout with friends. In the meantime, private companies or office agencies often take advantage of this restaurant to hold their meetings. “It is possible because the restaurant also provides other light menus such as coffee and fried potatoes,” said Putu Arimbawa proudly.

Meanwhile, the drinks presented vary widely. For instance, there are milkshakes and various juices. Other menus on offer also preferred by customers include grilled chicken, meatballs, burgers, Chinese food, fish head soup, various noodles, beef steaks and assorted vegetables such as plecing and cap cay, grilled fish, sour fish and fried fish coated with flour with the price range from IDR 10,000 – IDR 35,000 and drinks from IDR 5,000 – IDR 15,000. “If you do not get out, De Kaori Kantine also provides delivery services,” he concluded.


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