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Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Criminal defense law is a legal ruling that encompasses rules that protect the rights of those who are accused of a crime. These exist because when it comes to criminal accusations, it is likely that the judicial system can be biased against the accused. The defense attorney ensures that the defendant knows and uses these rights granted by the criminal defense law.

One of the famous rulings of the criminal defense law, for example, states that no evidence against the accused that is gathered b illegal means can be used in court. The defense attorney makes sure this evidence cannot be used against the accused in court.

What to do when charged for a crime

Once a person is accused of a crime, they must hire a defense attorney to fight their case. Hiring a defense attorney is the first step to release or posting bail. The accused can get a defense attorney from organizations that provide service of professional attorneys who specialize in criminal defense. In Galveston, for example, you can hire a Galveston criminal defense attorney from TadNelson. These attorneys specialize in all forms of felony and misdemeanor charges, in addition to dealing with family matters like divorce.

The duty of the criminal defense lawyer 

A criminal defense lawyer takes the accused through the steps of the criminal case by defending their side. The lawyer’s task is to represent and speak on behalf of the client. The defense attorney does the following:

Interview his client 

The first thing that a defense attorney is required to do is get as much information about the case as possible so that he can develop possible defenses. This is done by a thorough questioning of the defendant to get to know his side of the case. The defense attorney can also go over the prosecution’s case before it is presented to the jury.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Analyze the evidence 

The analysis of the evidence is a very crucial step in the procedure. The attorney studies the theories and facts about the case evaluates the evidence and finds ways to legally fight the accusation against his client.

Maintain contact with the client 

The attorney also stays in touch with the client to keep up with any developments in the case. These conversations between the client and the attorney must stay confidential.

Select the jury

The attorney plays an important role in selecting the jury. He ensures that the jury is not in any way biased against the client.

Participate in the trial

During the trial, it is the attorney’s duty to fight for his client. This includes an examination of the witnessing, cross-examination of the state’s witness, and trying to convince the jury that the evidence presented by the prosecution is not sufficient to convict the client.


If the defendant is sentenced to is the sentence for the crime, the defense attorney represents the client during the sentencing. During this phase, the attorney can try to convince the jury or the judge to reduce the time that the defendant has to serve and discuss other alternatives.