Catfish Pepes
Catfish Pepes

Make a try to taste fried catfish. Wow… it is remarkably delicious! Similarly, you can taste catfish pepes (wrapped in banana leaf) with complete seasoning. Of course, it must be different. Catfish pepes coming with Balinese complete seasoning is indeed unable to be prepared by all people. This means the catfish pepes having excellent taste with natural ingredients without preservatives.

Mak Ade is one of the rural chefs who always makes catfish pepes with torch ginger every day. This old and single woman from Ole hamlet, Marga Dauh Puri, Tabanan, indeed has expertise in preparing menus especially the traditional ones. Her cooking is famous for its delicacy so that local villagers always purchase it.

Well, among the menus on sale, the catfish pepes with torch ginger is frequently purchased as can be consumed by children, teenagers to old people. In the afternoon, after coming home from cultivating paddy fields, village farmers will drop in to buy catfish pepes as a side dish for dinner. Sometimes, people have also arrived before her stall is opened. The side dish will be served as side dish for lunch in paddy fields.

Catfish Pepes in bali

Children also like this kind of menu. However, they must eat carefully because the flesh still contains a few bones. Catfish will be better to be consumed when accompanied with vegetable with grated coconut seasoning and cassava chips. Catfish pepes prepared by Mak Ade offers a very distinctive taste. On that account, she opens her food stalls in the morning and afternoon for breakfast and dinner.

When preparing this catfish pepes, Mak Ade uses giant catfish, torch ginger, Balinese complete seasoning, and banana leaf to wrap it. The complete seasoning covers turmeric, galangal, aromatic ginger, ginger, garlic, onion, large chili, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, candlenut, pepper, coriander, and salt.

First of all, prepare complete seasoning by chopping turmeric, galangal, ginger, and aromatic ginger. Then, grind garlic, onion, large chili, cayenne, and lemongrass. Similarly, grind the candlenut, pepper, and coriander. All the seasonings are ground to be getting smooth. Please add salt to taste. Similarly, cut thin the torch ginger and bruise to be smoother. Cleanse the catfish and then cut into pieces according to taste.

The finely grounded seasoning is put into the basin, put the slices of catfish flesh and mix them together well with the seasoning. Add bay leaves to create a distinctive flavor. Further, wrapped the batter of catfish flesh and the seasoning lengthways following the line of leaves and attach with bamboo pin (toothpick). After that, steam it until cooked. Roast to taste fine and delicious. Now, it is ready to serve.


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