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Sangeh, the Unique Forest and the Monkeys

Sangeh is one of the most famous tourists destination in Bali. Sangeh is a forest located in Sangeh Village, District of Abiansemal, Badung Regency which...
Road Tripping in Bali

Road Tripping in Bali

I once spent a whole month on the road in Bali. When I finally returned to Kuta, my natural ‘high’ dissipated fast. Anyone who visits Bali...
Reptiles in Bali Bird Park

Interact with Birds and Reptiles in Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park or аlѕо knew аѕ “Taman Burung Bali” іѕ located іn Singapadu Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar, Bali. This bird аnd reptile park іѕ...

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