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Devdan Show At Bali #1

Devdan Show At Bali – Spectacular Theatre Show in Bali

Introducing to you the treasure of the Indonesian Archipelago through Devdan. The word Devdan comes from Sanskrit ‘Deva’ and ‘Dhana’, meaning “God’s Grace”. Indonesia’s...
Geger Temple #2

Geger Temple, Spring Emerges When Seawater Recedes

Geger Temple belongs is one of the dang kahyangan temples and is located at Peminge village, South Kuta. Jro Mangku Made Sania, 62, was...
A Gallery of the Monsters of Bali

Bali Ogoh-Ogoh Museum – A Gallery of the Monsters of Bali

Silence Day or Nyepi is a New Year’s celebration for the Hindus all over the world. Various activities are held to celebrate this New...

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