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3 Tips on Shopping for the Right Family Law Attorney

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There are lots of divorces in newly wedded couples nowadays. Some people have chosen to hire divorce lawyers to help them handle the proceedings. However, hiring a divorce lawyer does not mean that you will get the best outcome for your case. You’ll have to choose the right divorce lawyer if you want everything to work out for you in your settlement.

Find a Board-Certified Family Lawyer

Not every lawyer can work on divorce cases. You need to find a lawyer that specializes in family law. He should be board certified which means he has gained recognition for being a member of a relevant law association. Board-certified family law attorneys have at least 5 years of experiences and they have also passed the written certification exam. They act as principal attorneys for dozens of family lawsuits. They also need to have a continuing involvement in the specialty area which makes them more experienced.

Board-certified lawyers are higher standards as they need to fulfill certain requirements of the board. They are always up to date with the latest trends so they are more high quality compared to lawyers who don’t specialize in the field. Board-certified lawyers have a more powerful reputation as they have a track record of winning in many lawsuit cases. They have close relationships with more people in the same field as they can intercede better for you to help you attain a favorable settlement from the judge.

Find a Lawyer with Appropriate Skills

Secondly, the family lawyer you choose should have the appropriate skills. If it is a collaborative divorce, not much work needs to be done and both spouses will disclose the information for the fair negotiations. For collaborative divorce, you can hire a less skilled lawyer. If one of the spouses disagrees in the middle of the proceeding, you will have to hire a lawyer who can take the case to the trial. If the case involved child custody, then, you will want a lawyer that has experiences in working on child custody cases. In this case, you should not look for a lawyer that focuses on high-value divorce but one who puts a priority on children. He will have to be experienced in handling sensitive situations.

Interview Potential Lawyers before Hiring

Before hiring, you should compile a list of at least 3 potential attorneys. You can make phone calls to the attorneys and interview them. In the phone interview, you can ask about how they charge their fees including hourly fee, retainer fee, and contingency fee. You should avoid wasting time meeting with the attorney if the cost is far more expensive than you can afford. There may be other fees in the divorce process such as forensic appraisers and financial experts.

You will have to add up all these fees plus the lawyer fee to find out whether you can afford to hire the lawyer. During the interview, you can look out for red flags. A good lawyer will always evaluate your case first and give you options on what to pursue. He will not make unbelievable guarantees that you will win the settlement you want. He will give you full attention in the interview and not be distracted by phone calls, and emails.