Want to Take Selfie at Antugan Tukad Melangit (ATM)?

Antugan Tukad Melangit #2
Antugan Tukad Melangit #2

Assuredly it is not an ATM of any kind. To be sure, it has nothing to do with automated teller machines used to withdraw money. It stands for Anjungan Tukad Melangit (ATM) or literally meaning the platform of Melangit River located at Antugan hamlet, Jehem village, Tembuku, Bangli, as one of the favorite places for travelers that like to take a selfie. At this ATM, visitors cannot only take pictures with the background of the natural beauty of the Melangit River but also in the swing and some other selfie facilities.

Before becoming the target of travelers, the ATM was once made only by local youths to simply hang out together. The materials used to make the platform are only sober ones, namely wood, and bamboo. However, after visitors took a selfie and was uploaded to social media, the platform is getting more crowded with tourist visits.

Operations Manager of the ATM, I Wayan Lendra, recently said the ATM has been famous since more than a year ago. Seeing the number of incoming visitors, he continues to make improvements and arrangement. If formerly there used to be only one platform, now there have been three permanently built platforms. “We make them permanent for the convenience of visitors,” he explained.

Antugan Tukad Melangit
Antugan Tukad Melangit

In addition to the platform, the ATM management also offers several other facilities suitable for taking pictures such as traditional swing and heart-shaped bamboo cane work. At the ATM, visitors can also feel the sensation of camping and picking oranges in person.

If previously visitors to the ATM were only charged a voluntary levy, now the management charges admission ticket worth IDR 10,000 for adult and IDR 5,000 for a child of domestic tourists. Meanwhile, foreign tourists are charged IDR 15,000 per person.

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So far, Lendra admitted that the rate of tourist visits to ATM is now increasing. On typical days, the average visit rate reaches tens of people per day, while on holidays it increases up to 80 percent more.


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