Tradition of Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village

Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village #2
Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village #2

Virtually all villages have unique traditions denoting the heritage from their ancestors. Residents of Serokadan customary village, Susut, Bangli, for instance, regularly organize Ngelawang Agungor Barong Ngunya (street show) every Kuningan Day.

Chief of Serokadan customary village, I Dewa Gede Oka, revealed that Ngelawang Agung is indeed held every Kuningan Day. It is different from ngelawang in general where the ngelawang agung held on Kuningan feast involves the whole sanctified effigies of the village such as eight sacred barongs, Ratu Lingsir, Ratu Gede Anom, Ratu Mas, Ratu Gede Tameng and Ratu Gede Alit. “The Ratu Lingsir, in particular, is the oldest owned by the village. It is believed to have reached thousands of years. This tradition aims to purify the environment from negative energies,” he said.

Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village
Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village

The procession of ngelawang agung, said Dewa Gede Oka, is held at 13:00 until the afternoon. It is started with a ceremony followed by the sacred barongs coming out simultaneously and then gathers somewhere. He explained the ngelawang agung is not implemented by visiting one home to another but walk to the ends of the village in accordance with the points of the compass. Local people call the procession nyatur desa.

“After doing nyatur desa, the eight sacred barongs gather in the middle (catus pata). Usually, the ngelawang agung is witnessed by the whole community around and outside the village,” he added.

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