Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest, Iconic Park to Visit

Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest
Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest

Until 2012, the mangrove forest in Bali spreads across the area of 2,215.5 hectares located in Denpasar and four other districts. Distribution of the mangrove forest in Bali can be found inside and outside protected forest areas. The mangrove forest located within the protected forest area has a total of 2,004.5 hectares, while the mangrove forest outside the area has a total of 211 hectares.

The mangrove forest located within the protected forest area spreads across three locations, Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park, dominated by mangrove vegetation with a total area of 1,373.5 hectares wherein Badung district has an area of 753.5 hectares and Denpasar City has an area of 620 hectares.

Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest #2
Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest #2

West Bali National Park has mangrove forest as one of the vegetations with an area of 429 hectares in Jembrana district and 212 hectares in Buleleng district. Then, Nusa Lembongan forest located on Nusa Lembongan Island (Klungkung district) has 202 hectares of mangrove forest area.

Mangrove forest has a very important function as the lungs of the city where more rare trees have been replaced by concrete poles and retaining wall against sea waves and prevent abrasion. So, we have an obligation to maintain and preserve it.

In addition to retaining sea waves and preventing abrasion, mangrove forest can also offer beautiful scenery, trekking location by crossing wooden bridges in the middle of the forest, and leisure place somewhere amid the mangrove forest while enjoying the green open atmosphere.

Some people also take advantage of this place as a pre-wedding photo shoot because it is quite interesting and iconic. If you are staying in the area of South Bali such as Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua or Sanur, you can schedule next tour to this mangrove forest.

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So far, in the Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park, there are 12 mangrove species and seven species of mangrove association. Dominant species include the Rhizophora apiculata, Rhizophora mucronata, Avicennia marina, and Sonneratia alba.

In addition, it has a high biodiversity such as birds, reptiles and amphibians. Overall, there are 66 species of 27 families of bird species found in the Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park. Bird species in this area are dominated by waterfowl such as little pied cormorant, oriental darter, gray heron, great egret, intermediate egret, Javan pond heron, black-crowned night heron, lesser whistling duck, Eurasian Curlew, and kingfisher. Other than birds, amphibian and reptile species are often found in this area such as frogs, iguanas, lizards, Asiatic softshell turtles, mangrove snakes, et cetera.


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