Nasi Campur a la Casa Luna Restaurant

Nasi Campur a a Casa Luna Restaurant
Nasi Campur a a Casa Luna Restaurant

Nasi Campur or mixed rice is one of the favorites offered by Casa Luna Restaurant in Ubud. Mixed rice of Casa Luna Restaurant is definitely different. The taste and way of presentation are typical, delicious and really traditional. All the menus are processed by emphasizing authentic flavors and using fresh ingredients. Similarly, the preparation is done naturally, such as using pure coconut milk and native spices to this archipelago.

This mixed rice utilizes natural ingredients. The preparation is carried out manually as our local ancestors did. For example, the spices are ground by hand on mortar and pestle and the coconut milk is very fresh (from freshly split coconut) and does not use flavoring, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and modern preservatives. All the uniqueness distinguishes it from the others so that mixed rice at Casa Luna Restaurant becomes the most favorite menu within the past 25 years.

Casa Luna Restaurant managed by Dewi DeNeefe Suardana really features typical Balinese taste. On that account, the menus are very simple but offer a distinctive flavor. One serving of mixed rice is served with chickpea vegetable in coconut milk, corn fritters, twisted satay, chicken curry, steamed red beans in banana leaf, pickles and raw condiment. “We are still focused on the authentic taste,” said Dewi DeNeefe.

nasi campur bali
nasi campur bali

This mixed rice is combined with other foods whose preparation is different such as being steamed, fried, boiled, grilled and freshly made manually, such as pickles and chili sauce. Afterward, the rice is served neatly and beautifully in the form of a cone. Rice is put right in the middle, surrounded by other menus. “Some ingredients are also taken from our garden,” she said proudly.

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A portion of mixed rice a la Casa Luna Restaurant is very popular among local people, domestic and foreign tourists. The mixed rice is usually ordered for lunch to dinner hours. Each portion is sold for IDR 60,000. “In addition to Casa Luna Restaurant, the same mixed rice is also served at Indus Restaurant. The menu must be available,” said Dewi DeNeefe.

This creative woman added that in terms of taste the mixed rice is appropriate for everyone’s appetite, both for local people and tourists. This happens because it has a very accurate mixture, not too bland or not too spicy. “This mixed rice is commonplace. However, we intentionally feature it to introduce the traditional menu to the international community. Therefore, we prepare it based on our secret recipes,” he concluded.


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