Mosaic Pottery of Yangapi Village Penetrates Foreign Market

Mosaic Pottery #2
Mosaic Pottery #2

Various handicraft products produced by local craftsmen of Bangli have been able to penetrate the foreign market. One of them is the mosaic pottery made by Nengah Kita, a craftsman from Kalanganyar hamlet, Yangapi, Tembuku.

Wayan Locong, the brother of Nengah Kita, having got involved in the same business all this time, said that his handicraft products include jars, candle holder, fruit plate and other wall decorations. In addition to being sold in local markets, the products are widely shipped to Europe, Spain, and Argentina.

Mosaic Pottery
Mosaic Pottery

To make mosaic pottery, he purchases raw materials from outside Bangli such as pottery from Lombok, while glass is brought in from Gianyar. The process of making mosaic pottery begins by sanding the pottery until getting smooth. Further, it is painted and drawn according to the desired design. After that, the pottery is fitted with pieces of clear glass having already been colored.

Helped by 13 workers, on a day he can produce dozens of pieces. Just like any other craft businesses, there are always obstacles faced by craftsmen. He added that in producing mosaic pottery, the constraint is the weather. If it rains continuously, the supply of pottery from Lombok is often too late. The price of mosaic pottery varies depending on the size. For a set of three stuffing jars is sold for IDR 100,000 to IDR 500,000. In the meantime, a candlestick is sold starting from IDR 20,000.

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