Lempad House Ubud – Amazing Location in Bali

Lempad House
Lempad House

Lempad House is one of the most famous houses in Bali Island. The house is named after I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, a renowned artist in the 20th century. Lempad was best known for his prowess in creating ink drawings of Balinese Hinduism legends. He also made drawings of mythical creatures well known to the Balinese people.

Lempad House #2
Lempad House #2

To sample some of his works, visitors need to tour the house located on Jl. Raya Ubud. This street is easy to locate as it is the main street, and is close to the famous Nomad restaurant. Through the archway, you will be able to glimpse a couple of homes on the property that house intricate pieces of art. Art lovers will appreciate the detail paid to these masterpieces and many pieces you view will be available for sale.

Make sure you tour the Chinese block that was used for the purposes of mixing ink and marvel at how the relics have been well-preserved. You will also get to see masterpieces by other prominent artists which are housed here. Visitors should note that this is not a complete museum of Lempad’s work, as most of his work is housed in other museums. There are however a few pieces remaining here. There is no entry fee to visit Lempad House, but just note that Lempad’s family still lives in residence, so make sure to remain respectful of the property whilst you are visiting.

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