Honeymoon Package Preferred at The Alantara Sanur

Alantara Sanur
Alantara Sanur

I Made Gede Andyana Putra has a special way to address the Bali-based tourism culture. As the manager of The Alantara Sanur Resort and Spa, he features accommodation with a honeymoon icon. “The honeymoon becomes one of the flagship packages offered by The Alantara. Many guests favor the honeymoon package. Moreover, the romantic atmosphere of the hotel, the concept of heritage and Balinese culture are clearly visible when entering the hotel area,” he said.

The hotel located on Jalan Tirta Ening, Sanur, is indeed designed uniquely. Hotel lobby and the villas apply open-plan design like Balinese stage house so the hotel atmosphere is prominent with Balinese touch. Wood and brick accents and carvings feature the characteristic of holiday living. “Honeymooners coming to Sanur are more nostalgic based on the story of their parents that had been to Sanur, especially those from the Netherlands, Germany, and Europe in general,” he said.

Honeymoon Package
Honeymoon Package

Sanur tourist area having been known to various parts of the world, he explained, becomes an opportunity for The Alantara to attract foreign tourists to come mainly those from the West such as the Netherlands, Germany, UK, America and domestic. “Local tourists from outside Bali have started to experience an increasing trend to stay at The Alantara,” he said while adding the resort was officially opened 6 – 7 months ago.

According to Gede Andyana Putra, the trend of honeymooners continues to increase. Other than the new couples, there are also those having got married for many years, so their arrival to Alantara is the second, third or even the fifth honeymoon. By and large, they rarely bring their family or children because the concept of The Alantara room does not have a connecting door, except for the villa.

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Gede Andyana Putra admitted, the potential arrival of European and American tourists to Sanur is increasingly high, so The Alantara will do promotion to Russia next August. There he will offer four types of rooms owned namely the deluxe, suite, one-bed room villa and two-bed room villa. The package will combine the stay with one-day spa package, free dinner, combination package with Ubud or Nusa Penida. The combination package to Ubud and Nusa Dua is offered as he considers that Sanur as a tourist destination as well as the transit point to Nusa and Ubud.

He strongly believed in the promotion that the branding will get established. Many people will get to know and eventually find the product. I believe after visiting the website people will get interested in The Alantara. “Sanur has the potential to become a honeymoon tourist destination. A few days ago, there was a Chinese wedding organizer coming to Bali. I am sure that in the future the prospect of tourism especially honeymoon will increase along with the better economic growth,” he concluded.


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