Hobbit house at Pedawa village – Amazing Place in Bali

Hobbit house at Pedawa village #2
Hobbit house at Pedawa village #2

Pedawa village in Banjar subdistrict, Buleleng, is not only well known as a coffee producing area or unique tradition owned. However, this village belonging to a Bali Aga or ancient village also has a tourist attraction in the form of the Hobbit House. Although it was just opened a few months ago, tourist arrivals are quite crowded. Then, what uniqueness can this village offer to visitors?

This tiny house has a unique design. The materials in use are not concrete, but coffee trunks, bamboo, tree roots, used tins and twigs of palm fruits. It can exude a natural impression, artistic nuance, and classic look. “All the materials are not used anymore so that it creates an artistic value,” said the initiator, Ketut Sudi Harta, recently.

The making was inspired by the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film that tells about a small and short character called the Hobbit. Since his body is short, then the house constructed is very small as well. “I like to watch the film. I think Hobbit is not a person with a shortage but with some advantages. Initially, it was just to cover my water reservoir and indeed there is nothing inside it,” he said.

Hobbit house at Pedawa village
Hobbit house at Pedawa village

After that, his work is gradually known to the public, especially the younger generation. People’s visit is accompanied by taking a selfie to be uploaded on their social media. Since then, the first claimed home in Bali has become the target of both local and foreign tourist visit. Not only to take pictures, they also enjoy the cool nature offered by beautiful nature plus typical coffee of Pedawa along with the sugar palm and sengait snack. “Visitors that come here are quite surprised,” he said.

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On early emergence, visitors coming into the house located in the middle of clove plantation and durian orchard were not charged. However, since the management involves the local youth of the village, like in the parking arrangement, finally he charges at IDR 10,000 per person. “With this amount, visitors can take selfie freely so that indirectly this attraction also empowers the surrounding residents,” said the man of three children.

Considering the village of Pedawa has the status as a tourism village, the house established on a land of 0.41 hectare is planned to be equipped with lodging accommodation, food outlet by providing traditional food of Pedawa, and traditional to modern coffee roasting place. “We will develop gradually because it requires substantial capital. Most importantly, Pedawa can be known as a Bali Aga destination,” he concluded.


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