Geger Temple, Spring Emerges When Seawater Recedes

Geger Temple #2
Geger Temple #2

Geger Temple belongs is one of the dang kahyangan temples and is located at Peminge village, South Kuta. Jro Mangku Made Sania, 62, was seen waiting for the pickup service after presenting the offerings of pilgrims at Geger Temple on Saturday (Apr. 29).  To reach this temple, visitors must pass through dry fields and will occasionally see monkeys on the side of the road that leads to the temple.

It is said that Geger Temple was one of the resting places of Dang Hyang Dwijendra, a great Hindu sage. The temple was renovated in 1985 and again 1991. Now,  Geger Temple stands firmly on the reef that juts out onto Geger Beach, so the beautiful beach can be seen from the top of the temple. “Before Danghyang Dwijendra (Danghyang Nirartha) went to Uluwatu, he had time to rest here”, said Mangku Sania.

Geger Temple
Geger Temple

Geger Temple consists of a beji (spring), a shrine for Ida Danghyang Dwijendra, Ida Dalem Pamutih and Ida Bathara Simpang Dalem Nusa, who use a tiger and a white monkey (maruti) as their vehicles. A number of public figures and officials have been to the temple to perform purification rites (malukat) and to ask to be blessed with offspring. Geger Temple is supported by two hamlets in Peminge village, South Kuta. However, many people from beyond these hamlets also come to pray a Geiger Temple, including people from Java.

Not far from Geger Temple, down the stairs and over some rocks, visitors arrive at the temple spring or beji, that is located on Geger Beach behind a huge rock. The temple has several shrines, including a phallus or lingam where pilgrims do their purification rites. “During the full moon, new moon or on Kajeng Kliwon, there are people doing purification rites 24 hours a day” explained said Nyoman Romi, a merchant who sells his wares near the temple. The spring around the beji is only accessible when the sea recedes in the afternoon.

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