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Geger Temple #2

Geger Temple, Spring Emerges When Seawater Recedes

Geger Temple belongs is one of the dang kahyangan temples and is located at Peminge village, South Kuta. Jro Mangku Made Sania, 62, was...
Aci Tabuh Rah Pengangon

Aci Tabuh Rah Pengangon, A Unique Tradition to Invoke Fertility at Kapal Village

Bleganjur gamelan music was played. Hundreds of villagers then threw tipat (rice bag) bantal (pillow-like cake) each other. Although, they seemed to mutually reciprocate,...
Devdan Show At Bali #1

Devdan Show At Bali – Spectacular Theatre Show in Bali

Introducing to you the treasure of the Indonesian Archipelago through Devdan. The word Devdan comes from Sanskrit ‘Deva’ and ‘Dhana’, meaning “God’s Grace”. Indonesia’s...

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