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Great Mountain Temples to Visit in Bali

Top 5 Great Mountain Temples to Visit in Bali

The temples оf Bali are a significant part of Balinese culture and life. Tо visit a temple during a festive period іѕ a magical experience fоr thе traveler....
Rambut Siwi Holy Temple #2

Rambut Siwi Holy Temple with Captivating Panorama

Rambut Siwi Temple іѕ one оf thе big Hindu temples іn Bali. This temple іѕ located іn Yeh Embang Kangin Village, Mendoyo District, Jembrana...

tanah lot temple tabanan bali

Tanah Lot is a beautiful temple located on a beach in the area of Beraban Village, District of Kediri, Tabanan. From the capital city...

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