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Most Popular Food to Try in Bali

Best Food in Bali – Most Popular Food to Try in Bali

Bali has іtѕ own cuisine, masakan Bali. Balinese food consists оr rice аѕ a staple, often served with dishes made оf pork, a variety of sate and vegetables,...
Chicken Leg with Honey-Spiced

Four New Menus of Portabella Bistro, Chicken Leg with Honey-Spiced

If you are a foodie of chicken-based menus, try to enjoy the pleasure of Chicken Leg with Honey Spice served at Portabella Bistro, Kuta....
Nasi Tumpeng Ala Lumbung

Nasi Tumpeng Ala Lumbung, High Values and Sacred Meanings

Nasi Tumpeng is the traditional ceremonial food that only served on formal events like birthdays, anniversaries, official launching events, and Thanksgiving events, like in...

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