Nasi Tumpeng Ala Lumbung

Nasi Tumpeng Ala Lumbung, High Values and Sacred Meanings

Nasi Tumpeng is the traditional ceremonial food that only served on formal events like birthdays, anniversaries, official launching events, and Thanksgiving events, like in...
Catfish Pepes

Catfish Pepes in Complete Seasoning and Torch Ginger

Make a try to taste fried catfish. Wow… it is remarkably delicious! Similarly, you can taste catfish pepes (wrapped in banana leaf) with complete...
Delicious Twisted Satay of Casa Luna Restaurant

Delicious Twisted Satay of Casa Luna Restaurant

Twisted satay is also a special menu offered at Casa Luna Restaurant other than mixed rice. Probably, the shape and ingredients are the same...
De Kaori Kantine

De Kaori Kantine Offers Fun Cuisines in Seririt

When traveling to Singaraja, you need not worry about finding any nice and comfortable restaurants. Interestingly, the North Bali region has even a variety...
The Nasi Campur

The Nasi Campur Offers World’s Class Local Products

Once upon a time, come to The Nasi Campur, one of the restaurants located in the tourist area of Seminyak, precisely at Jalan Nakula,...
Tradition Menu

Canting Restaurant Offers Taste of Tradition Menu In Bali

Canting Restaurant offers an interesting and exotic ambience of dining. Located in the lobby area of Hotel Dafam Savvoya Seminyak, Bali, right on Jalan...
Jempiring Restaurant

Jempiring Restaurant Indulges Its Guest with Noodlelicious

One of the most popular foods is noodles. It can be cooked as the staple food, such as; soup or fried noodle and seasoned...
Famous Indonesian Foods

What to Eat in Bali: Famous Indonesian Foods

Balinese food іѕ somewhat different tо Indonesian food іn thаt іt often includes pork items (lawar, babi guling etc.) аnd tends tо more pedas (spicy) аnd...
Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond

Let’s Enjoy Chicken Rosemary at Black Diamond

If you are traveling in the tourist area of Kuta or Uluwatu, do not be confused to look for a comfortable place to eat....
Sweet and Mellow Taste of Jaje Cerorot

Sweet and Mellow Taste of Jaje Cerorot

The Hindu community in Bali which always preserves its ancestral culture has various unique and delicious traditional cakes or jaje. There is jaje purely...

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