Canting Restaurant Offers Taste of Tradition Menu In Bali

Tradition Menu
Tradition Menu

Canting Restaurant offers an interesting and exotic ambience of dining. Located in the lobby area of Hotel Dafam Savvoya Seminyak, Bali, right on Jalan Mertanadi No.14 Seminyak, it is a safe and peaceful venue because it is managed by prioritizing local wisdom that implements the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana namely keeping the relationship with others (human), the environment as well as God.

Hotel Dafam Savvoya Seminyak Bali is located in the heart of Seminyak, Kuta. It is accessible from many tourist attractions or shopping places of typical Balinese knick-knacks. Besides, it is very close to Ngurah Rai Airport, about 30 minutes’ drive, about 15 minutes from the center of Bali province and about 10 minutes from Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Beach and Canggu Beach.

Taste of Tradition Menu
Taste of Tradition Menu

Canting Restaurant comes with adorable menus presenting the ‘taste of tradition’ concept.  Most of the menus are inspired by the exploration of the archipelagic cuisines used to preserve their existence. On that account, for foodies of Balinese, Indonesian and Western cuisines, Dafam Savvoya Hotel Seminyak Bali offers Canting as the most ideal dining place.

The menu is served with the taste of tradition featuring traditional Balinese elements in the presentation of diverse menus. Starting from a pizza with typical Balinese chicken topping, countryside fried rice, rice with steamed (betutu) chicken or traditional Balinese rice mixed with twisted satay and fish pepes are ready to pamper your appetite. In addition, the Western menu is not left behind, namely the Grilled Asian Salmon and Savvoya Chicken Kebab becoming a favorite menu at the Canting Restaurant.

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Lukas Harry is the Executive Chef at Canting Restaurant who is fully responsible for the entire menus. The menus on offer include a la carte menu, buffet breakfast menu, room service menu, set menu of lunch and dinner, romantic dinner menu and the menus for a special occasion such as barbeque party, wedding or other occasions.  “We present the menu of choice with the “taste of tradition” so that tourists actually get the experience of being in Bali,” said Chef Lukas Harry.

With the diverse menus available, Chef Lukas Harry hoped that all the in-house guests and walk-in guests at Dafam Savvoya Hotel Seminyak Bali can also enjoy a meal at Canting Restaurant with a comfortable and relaxed ambience. Moreover, Dafam Savvoya Hotel Seminyak Bali through the Canting provides room service for 24 hours should there be any guests wishing to order food and enjoy it in their room,” he explained


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