Bali Elephant Camp Tours In Bali – A Great Place to Ride Sumatran Elephant

bali elephant camp in Bali
bali elephant camp in Bali

“In 2004, working with the Government in aid of elephant conservation Bali Elephant Camp was established to help care for and promote the plight of Sumatran elephants. At the beginning, Bali Elephant Camp has 9 Sumatran elephants, who along with their ‘mahouts’ (careers) have become ambassadors for their brothers and sisters in Sumatra.” Said Mrs. IGAA. Inda Trimafo Yudha. Managing Director of True Bali Experience.

Bali Elephant Camp in one of the product under True Bali experience is Bali’s leading Balinese Owned Adventure Company I Gusti Agung Alit Yudha. An exciting and dynamic family business was established in 1995 to provide locally owned and operated soft adventures with the highest international standards of safety, training, and conservation.

“Bali Elephant Camp itself has been established since 2004 beginning with nine Sumatran elephants, and now there are fifteen elephants with adult and some are still small, the oldest elephant is 24 years old female named Meri while the youngest aged is Saras 10 months aged.” Mrs. Inda added.

“In order to ensure that the elephants here remain healthy, we always provide two doctors who care for them, as well as a consultant who has international qualifications and standards. Meanwhile, from the needs of food for them, we also provide grass plantation with an area of about 20 hectares,  by riding elephants will help us and other elephants in Sumatra by providing funds for food and land to make sure their natural habitat well protected.” Inda hopefully.

Bali Elephant Camp is a great place to ride an elephant in Bali Paradise This place located at the side of Ayung River, close to the Sangeh monkey forest, Carangsari historic village, this place is situated between the rice paddies, jungle, and the Ayung River and is one of the most natural places in Bali.

In Bali Elephant Camp the tourists will be invited to enjoy a lot of natural beauty that will be encountered on the way to natural rice paddies, quaint Balinese villages, temples,

Bali Elephant Camp
Bali Elephant Camp
bali elephant camp in Bali
bali elephant camp in Bali

and local markets. Bali elephant presents the surprise elephant attraction with full of fun.

After enjoying a scenic drive, be welcomed to Bali elephant trek (Bali Elephant Camp) with a refreshing welcome drink at the ‘Trunk’n’Mahout’ valley-view café. Watch the elephants enjoy their morning or afternoon bath and then meet our Head Mahout to learn about the daily life of a Sumatran elephant as the elephants get saddled-up for the ‘Adventures trek.

If want to become friends with a great Sumatran elephant, then try shorter Adventurer Trek, to get experience the beautiful landscape of  the camp as well as venturing out trek along the edge of the valley, the views are incredible, may also get to see monkeys and tropical birds in their natural habitat. Then look down at the raging Ayung River and discover how much fun riding an elephant can be, elephant will also show their pool as he wades through the water to cool off from the hot sun


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