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Reading Machines on a Reading Machine

From the moment Reading Machines was first published (in December of last year), people have been asking me about a Kindle version. However, since I don’t own the copyright on the book, I have very little control over such matters.

What’s more, I’m not really in the loop on what happens to it, where it’s reviewed, which libraries own it, or anything else. I regularly hear (mostly through Twitter) that people are reading the book, and that many are using it — in whole or in part — in their classes. But beyond that, I’m completely in the dark.

I discovered the other day, however, that there is a Kindle version available. It’s perhaps a little pricier that I would have liked (I’m very pleased that the paperback is a mere $25 usd), but I hope it is of use to those who’d much rather have an ebook version.

I would also like to note that this blog has migrated to, and is now hosted using GitHub Pages. I’m still having quite a bit of trouble getting all the Disqus comment threads migrated, so there are unfortunately still some ties to the old machine (which is getting far too old to support the traffic).

My hope, though, is that the many people who use blogs and essays of mine in their classes will have more flexibility in terms of format. Since all the code is now hosted on Github, people are free to generate versions of the texts from the original Markdown files (using, say, Pandoc).

I am very flattered that people are reading Reading Machines and my blog posts and essays. I hope the new site and the Kindle version make that a bit easier.

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