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PDF goes ISO

Slashdot reports this morning that pdf is being submitted as an iso standard. Of course, pdf is a de facto open standard — I have literally dozens of open source implementations of pdf tools (including such amazing apps as pdftk, without which my life would be meaningless), and none of them would have been possible without the open format.

But having pdf be a de jure standard is very good news, as far as I’m concerned. I love pdf, because my favorite way to create documents is to typeset them lovingly in LaTeX, export to Postscript, and then export to pdf (I have not willingly used a word processor in over ten years).

If pdf is approved as an iso standard, it will mean that the standards zealots among my circle of friends (yes, these are the kinds of friends I have) might back off and not insist that absolutely everything be in xml.

I’m not knocking xml, mind you. I drank the Kool-Aid on that one years ago. But when it comes to creating beautiful documents for people to read, LaTeX/Postscript/pdf is hard to beat.

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